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Combichrist: The Joy Of Gunz (180g) (Limited-Edition) (Colored Vinyl) 2LP

Type: Vinyl

The time has come: For the first time the first three Combichrist albums "Joy Of Gunz", "Everybody Hates You" and "What The F**k Is Wrong With You People" are available on vinyl

Together with the new album "One Fire" these three industrial classics will be released as colorful double heavy LPs with a brand new special vinyl master. The LP covers alone, which show the artwork in a completely different way, are a must for every fan

For the first time the debut album from 2003 on vinyl is available as 180g 2LP in colour, one in gold and one in silver with a special vinyl master and of course in limited edition!



  1. 1 Intruder Alert
  2. 2 Joy To The World
  3. 3 You Will Be The Bitch Now
  4. 4 Winteryear
  5. 5 Play Dead
  6. 6 Turmoil
  7. 7 Master Control
  8. 8 Vater Unser

  1. 1 The Line To The Dead
  2. 2 Bulletfuck
  3. 3 Human Error
  4. 4 God Wrapped In Plastic
  5. 5 History Of Madness
  6. 6 Shrunken Heads For All Occasions

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