Living Dead Dolls presents Chucky & Tiffany

Type Figure

Living Dead Dolls Chucky & Tiffany Puppenset Child's Play

made by Mezco

Child's Play (Chucky) was the first part of the horror trio. (1988) The serial killer, Charles Lee "Chucky" Ray drags himself badly wounded through a toy store. With the help of voodoo he is able to transform his soul into a toy doll. 

In "Bride of Chucky", the second part of the horror trio, chucky is able to transform his ex-girlfriend into a toy doll. Together they begin to search for an amulett which will transform them back into humans. 

Both dolls come with "real"  cloths and hair.
Size:  Width 21,5 cm Height 35,5 cm Length 8,0 cm


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